Gaby AklGaby Akl, B.Sc.

President & Real Estate Broker

A graduate from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor of science degree, Gaby Akl started his real estate career in 1984. Fluently bilingual and with 37 years experience in the real estate industry, Gaby has acquired extensive market knowledge in property acquisitions, development, and management of various size residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects. He held a senior company management position for a number of years and administered a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio for a local development company.  His skills in all areas of property management and project development are focused on the bottom line with a great emphasis on long-term project viability and effective expense management.  At the same time, Gaby extended his experience in the construction industry by being the sole principle behind a local development company involved in the design and construction of single-family dwellings in Saskatoon.  He played an important role in one of the first downtown acquisition, study, design and major renovations of a commercial office building converting its use to a mix of residential condominiums and a retail mall featuring two floors of small individual retail units.  Gaby has been involved in the acquisition and development of various commercial infill projects in Saskatoon and continue to work with his clients on upcoming new projects.  Gaby’s experience in asset management, feasibility studies, leasing, marketing and construction are essential for the successful operation and management of any real estate project.