“…dynamic, flexible and focused…”


At Enzogroup, each property, large or small, with single or multi-tenancy, is considered a project, and management is only one of the elements of the wide range of services we provide. We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance performance at all levels by utilizing effective leasing techniques, improving tenant and client relationship, reducing expenses, implementing preventive maintenance programs, and providing owners with accurate reporting of timely financial information.

All property management programs are customized to fit the immediate needs of any real estate project and are flexible enough to change for tomorrow. Our management approach is dynamic, flexible and focused. The highest and best use of all resources is always our primary aim keeping in mind the best interest of our clients and those of our tenants. Finally, we arm ourselves with many technological tools to attain accurate financial results, clear communication records, and long-term property data collection to empower owners and developers with timely and resourceful information.

We believe that ethical, honest and professional representation at all levels is the key building block in a long and prosperous relationship with owners, developers, and tenants alike.

Continue to read on below to view our detailed list of property management services customized for each individual type of properties.



“…some of the professional services we offer…”

Preliminary Condominium Project Assessment

❖ Review of Reserve Fund Study & Bylaws with Board of Directors

❖ Review of present operation budget and last annual financial report

❖ Review of building physical condition and areas of immediate concern

Maintenance Duties & Capital Improvements Projects

❖ Attend to all maintenance needs and propose solutions to ongoing issues

❖ Respond to all emergencies with a 24 hours emergency answering service

❖ Scheduled inspections and testing of all necessary equipment for safety, fire, heating and other important components of the building

❖ Regular upkeep of all common areas of condominium property

❖ On-going ground maintenance work during winter and summer months

❖ Process of seeking competing bids on various contractual work required

❖ Work with board of directors to design, schedule, spec and tender out major capital improvement projects (such as roof replacement, deck and exterior building envelope replacement, boiler and HVAC upgrading, etc.)

Management, Financial & Administrative Duties

❖ Enforcement of condominium Bylaws

❖ Attend scheduled board meetings with board of directors

❖ Communicate and attend to all by condo owners

❖ Organize and Attend Annual General Meeting

❖ Prepare annual operating budget

❖ Provide detailed and complete set of electronic monthly financial statements to board of directors

❖ Collect all condo fees and follow up payment arrears

❖ Administer all banking requirements for the condominium corporation

❖ Manage and pay all expenses and keep track of all invoices

❖ Administer any cash levy or special assessment for major capital improvement project as required

❖ Reserve Fund administration and asset investment allocation

For a free consultation or detailed property management proposal for your condominium property, please fill out the attached short form and send to us. We would be happy to contact you and discuss all your management needs.



“…effective tenant relations…”

Preliminary Project Assessment Stage

❖ Market condition overview

❖ Physical property condition overview and report

❖ Study of tenant mix

❖ Market rent comparative analysis

❖ Income & expenses review

Property Management Agreement

❖ Customized fee based on percentage of rental revenues or a flat pre-set management fee

❖ Customized agreement including only the areas you wish Enzogroup to be involved in example, leasing, sale, construction and maintenance management, rent collection, feasibility study, market study, or any combination of the items listed

❖ Flexible contract terms

❖Some owners prefer a hand on approach and would like to be involved in the daily project management and some others would like to assign all duties to Enzogroup. We will custom tailor all our management contracts to fit any particular situation and provide you with a cost effective program.

Management Financial & Administrative Duties

❖ Tenant relation

❖ Answer tenant concerns and document all important inquiries for owners

❖ Collect rents, occupancy costs, condominium fees and others

❖ Prepare annual tenant occupancy costs statements and adjustments

❖ Pay all associated expenses such as mortgage payments, utilities, property taxes, insurance and maintenance charges

❖ Provide ongoing maintenance as required and maintain a preventive maintenance program.

❖ Coordinate with contractors and engineers on construction and maintenance projects

❖ Oversee the bidding process for large maintenance jobs

❖ Hire and supervise staff as needed

❖ Attend to emergencies with a 24 hours emergency answering service

❖ Advertise spaces available for lease or sub-lease

❖ Prepare and keep a feature property brochure for distribution and marketing

❖ Show available spaces to prospective clients

❖ Prepare lease agreements

❖ Notify tenants on expiring lease dates, negotiate and prepare lease renewal on behalf of owners

❖ Work and cooperate with other realtors and brokers in order to fill vacant spaces

Our Customized Financial, Property Data and Communication Reports

❖ Monthly detailed financial reports for each property

❖ Annual operating budget or projection reports

❖ Monthly vacancy report for each property including periodic charting

❖ A recommendation report on an as needed basis suggesting various preventive actions required in maintenance, areas to reduce expenses, enhance property exposure and marketability, rent increase programs

For a free consultation or detailed property management proposal for your commercial or industrial property, please fill out the attached short form and send to us. We would be happy to contact you and discuss all your management needs.



“…executive service…”

Our experience in managing residential properties and executive style properties lead us to develop an extensive management program fueled by decades in the property management business.

Preliminary Assessment

❖ Market rental rate overview

❖Suggest improvements to property to enhance rental rate

Management Financial & Administrative Duties

❖ Advertise and show potential tenants property

❖ Screen tenants and acquire required damage deposit

❖ Conduct move-in and move-out reports

❖ Attend to all maintenance needs

❖ Scheduled inspection and testing of safety equipment such as smoke detectors and others….

❖ Payment of all expenses such as repairs, property tax, insurance, mortgage or others

❖ Follow up and represent landlord at Rentalsman Office hearings if required

❖ Monthly detailed operating income and expense statement

For a free consultation or detailed property management proposal for your residential property, please fill out the attached short form and send to us. We would be happy to contact you and discuss with your management needs.