October 20, 2018
EnzoGroup Realty Corp. | EnzoGroup Realty Corp. Commercial Real Estate, Property & Asset Management, Office Lease, Retail Space, Business for Sale
Commercial Real Estate, Property & Asset Management manages all aspects of commercial realestate, inclucing office lease, retail space, business for sale, condominium management, strip malls, houses, property management.
Commercial Real Estate, Office lease, commercial realty, space for lease, building for sale, business for sale, strip mall, house, marketing, managing



EnzoEwDrop2Our Corporate Mission
“market experience. . . integrity & creativity”

Achieve for our clients the highest and best results in real estate transactions, and project operation management guided by our market experience, integrity and creativity, and utilizing the best in human resources and technology to enhance our performance today and tomorrow.


EnzoEwDrop2Our approach to today’s real estate

“understand real estate. . . we think of each space as a project”

We understand real estate and we realize that a good based knowledge in marketing, property management, changing market trends, construction and customer service is essential to generate the results our clients expect. We think of each space as a project and not as another listing on the market, whether it is a small building with a single tenant or a large complex with dozens of tenants. Real estate is no longer a pure act of listing a property, displaying a phone number and waiting for the right buyer to call or waiting for that right tenant to show up. Our leasing services are based on marketing activities and each listing will have its own program of pre-marketing assessment work and a follow up of activities. Our leasing services are custom tailored to suit Landlord’s needs and innovative enough to help a Tenant find the space they are looking for. Property management evolved at Enzogroup to become Project Operation Management (“POM”) where a management team will assist owners and developers in a continuous sequel of property upgrades, existing tenants’ lease management and creative marketing techniques all leading to effective leasing strategies and improved bottom line.

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