October 20, 2018
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Condominium & Asset Property Management


“…some of the professional services we offer…”

Preliminary Condominium Project Assessment

❖ Review of Reserve Fund Study & Bylaws with Board of Directors

❖ Review of present operation budget and last annual financial report

❖ Review of building physical condition and areas of immediate concern

Maintenance Duties & Capital Improvements Projects

❖ Attend to all maintenance needs and propose solutions to ongoing issues

❖ Respond to all emergencies with a 24 hours emergency answering service

❖ Scheduled inspections and testing of all necessary equipment for safety, fire, heating and other important components of the building

❖ Regular upkeep of all common areas of condominium property

❖ On-going ground maintenance work during winter and summer months

❖ Process of seeking competing bids on various contractual work required

❖ Work with board of directors to design, schedule, spec and tender out major capital improvement projects (such as roof replacement, deck and exterior building envelope replacement, boiler and HVAC upgrading, etc.)

Management, Financial & Administrative Duties

❖ Enforcement of condominium Bylaws

❖ Attend scheduled board meetings with board of directors

❖ Communicate and attend to all by condo owners

❖ Organize and Attend Annual General Meeting

❖ Prepare annual operating budget

❖ Provide detailed and complete set of electronic monthly financial statements to board of directors

❖ Collect all condo fees and follow up payment arrears

❖ Administer all banking requirements for the condominium corporation

❖ Manage and pay all expenses and keep track of all invoices

❖ Administer any cash levy or special assessment for major capital improvement project as required

❖ Reserve Fund administration and asset investment allocation


For a free consultation or detailed property management proposal for your condominium property, please fill out the attached short form and send to us. We would be happy to contact you and discuss all your management needs.